St. Michael Basement Project

Ah, Friday again! Welcome back friends.

Today, we are going to take a look into our St. Michael Basement Project.

We had a blast with these clients and the project turned out beautifully!

There were a few sections of this basement project we were looking at selections for to finish this basement off: Main Area (mainly an at home gym), Guest Bedroom, Stairs and Bathroom. After discussing what they were looking for and narrowing down the options, we decided on these selections:

As beautiful as these selections are on our design boards, lets take a look at the final installation of these selections!

First up, we have the stair case down. Because this flight of stairs was rather long compared to most of our clients homes, we decided that as a safety factor, as well as to add to the aesthesis, a carpet runner was necessary.

Next, we are looking at the main basement area. They wanted to use it primarily as their new workout space. Look at all of the room they have to get a great workout in every day!

Through the door in the back of the gym picture above is where their guest bedroom and small work from home office was created!

And last but not least was their beautiful basement bathroom! I had so much fun working with the clients on this bathroom. They were ready to push their boundaries a little bit and think outside of the box. This is really a one of a kind bathroom that they absolutely love!

I had so much fun working with Majestic Professional Services, LLC on this project. Jerry always does an amazing job bringing the details to life.

Are you thinking of refreshing a room, finishing your basement or updating a space in your house? Connect with me so we can get started planning the project for the spring! I look forward to working with you on your next home improvement project!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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