Nursery Inspiration with DIY Solutions!

In the last year, the term “quarantine baby” has come up more than I’d like to admit. So today, I thought I could walk through a few ideas to create your own Nursery for a new bundle of joy!

While every family makes their own decisions on whether they find out the gender or not, its easy to create a “gender neutral” nursery if you are one of the couples that decides to keep it a surprise!

We could dive into all of the different elements of a nursery, but today’s focus is going to be the endless options for how to treat the walls. The most popular options are paint, wallpaper and paneling. All of these options are great and can be used in combination with each other.

A few of my clients have shared their Pinterest boards with me and below are a few images they both had tagged as inspiration for their gender neutral nursery’s:

Updated Transitional Paneling and Accent Color Nursery

Save this image to your Pinterst board by clicking here!

Monochrome Traditional Paneling Nursery

Save this image to your Pinterst board by clicking here!

Neutral Herringbone Wallpaper Nursery

Save this image to your Pinterst board by clicking here!

Neutral Polka Dots Wallpaper Nursery

Save this image to your Pinterst board by clicking here!

All of these ideas are so fun for your new little baby’s room. Here are few similar products you can source and install yourself to create nursery’s similar to the images above!

Paint Selections

Sherwin Williams is my go to paint supplier. They have an amazing selection of paints for such a reasonable price and they are able to paint match practically everything that has a color! Here are my favorite colors to use in a gender neutral nursery:

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

There are a few things you need to know about doing a DIY Peel and Stick Wallpaper. First, the smoother your wall is, the better the wallpaper will stick and will look. If you have a textured wall, I do not recommend doing a DIY Wallpaper application. Second, depending on the wallpaper you want to use, there will be a repeat you have to follow. Paying attention to this repeat and the overlap will help you create a picture perfect wallpaper installation. Lastly, HAVE FUN with it! The beautiful part about this DIY project is its easily removable!

Here are a few of our favorite wallpapers for nursery’s from

You + Me

Purchase your Wallpaper here!

Can’t Be Tamed

Purchase your Wallpaper here!


Purchase your Wallpaper here!

DIY Wood Paneling

The wonderful thing about wood paneling is you can create an upscale look for a relatively cheap installation. If you’re handy enough to follow along to some Pinterest or Youtube “step-by-step” installation instructions and video’s, you could create a stellar wood paneling look in any style pretty quickly.

Here are a two of our favorite DIY Wood Paneling solutions:

Get Step-by-Step Instructions on this look here!
Get Step-by-Step Instructions on this look here!

Bonus for everyone – best place to get washable rugs is They have all sorts of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. And even with a wide and great selection of product, all of them are washable. What is better than a washable rug in a nursery!?

Whether you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, planning for a “in a few years”, or just love nursery’s like I do, I hope you found some inspiration you can use in your own space!

Have a great week friends! Until next time!

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