Fairview Ave Master Bathroom

Today I’m throwing it back to one of my favorite remodel projects – the Fairview Ave Master Bathroom.

When I first met with these clients, their master bathroom was well maintained, but needed some serious cosmetic love. On top of that, these clients had grandchildren who loved using their jacuzzi tub. This was getting to be a serious slipping concern as the entire surround was a glossed tile and up on a step. Not a great combination when you’re trying to have a fun bath time with your grandkids!

Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “Before” Floor Plan

These clients had a specific list of wants and needs for their master bathroom:

  • “His” vs “Hers” Vanity Spaces with Added Storage
  • Add Linen Storage
  • Enlarge the Walk-In Shower
  • Add a Makeup Vanity for Her
  • Keep a soaking/jacuzzi tub with less slipping hazards
  • Keep 2 oversized mirrors
  • Natural Looking Materials without the Maintenance

The other piece of information I always get from my client is some inspiration pictures. It helps me understand what kind of feeling, colors, materials and layout the client is really looking for. These clients shared inspiration images of open showers, the kind of corner tub they were hoping to get and natural looking materials.

After looking at the inspiration images and a few space planning configuration options, the clients decided this layout was going to serve their lifestyle the best! Added floor space, larger walk-in shower, large corner tub and an abundance of additional storage!

Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “After” Floor Plan

Once a floor plan was decided on, then it was time to focus on new finishes to bring this bathroom up to date. One thing the clients were very concerned about was wanting a natural look without having the maintenance of natural materials. For example, they really loved the look of Slate. However, Slate has a bit of maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

The wonderful thing about ceramic and porcelain tile is there is an abundance of options that give the same natural look as a Slate stone. Since a majority of the bathroom was going to have a Slate look, the rest of the finishes were neutral but warm and inviting, creating a spa like feeling for the clients.

Fairview Ave Master Bathroom Finish Selections

Once the final floor plan and finishes were approved, it was time to get to work. I worked with Jerry of Majestic Professional Services, LLC for all of the general contract work. Finally, it was DEMO DAY (Thanks, Chip Gaines)!

After cleaning everything up from demo, it was time to start putting everything back together! Here are some of the progress pictures!

The final reveal left the clients absolutely in love with their new Master Bathroom retreat! Here is what they had to say:

We are so happy with our new master bathroom! The layout is perfect and we have enough space for everything… even an empty drawer or two! Thank you, Shelby, for listening to our wants and needs and designing a space that met all of them!

Jon and Diane Rappaport
Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “After” Her Vanity, Corner Jacuzzi Tub and New Linen Cabinet Storage
Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “After” New Vanity and Linen Cabinet Storage
Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “After” Her Vanity and Walk-In Shower
Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “After” His Vanity
Fairview Ave Master Bathroom “After” His Vanity and Walk-In Shower

Any home remodel or improvement project is a process. There can be an overwhelming amount of options and sources, but working with an Interior Designer like myself before starting any project can alleviate a lot of questions and frustrations the process can bring.


These clients absolutely loved this process. Before anything was taken out, there was a plan for the new layout and all of the finishes. There was no guess work in the middle of construction which also helped keep the project on time and on budget.

Although the “After” pictures of this project are stunning, the best part about a successful project is the joy it brings to the homeowners.

Until next time – have a great weekend, friends!

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