Master Bedroom Remodel – Part 1

When Max and I purchased our house back in 2018, we knew there were several home improvement projects we wanted to do. We started with new paint in a few rooms, switching out some minor light fixtures, adding an accent wall in our living room, giving both bathrooms a little love and refinishing our basement.

One project that neither of us thought about when we moved in was making our master bedroom feel like our own. We’ve got a decent size room and it fits all of our current furniture. But with spring just around the corner and both of us starting to feel like we need a more grown-up space for ourselves, we decided to give our master bedroom a little upgrade.

Today, I’m going to show you where we are at in our process!

The first step I take in any project is taking critical measurements of the space. Here is our current floor plan.

Because we aren’t doing any major overhaul of the exterior of our home, we are working with the window placements as they are.

Next, we dream! Here are some of the images we saved on Pinterest of what we want our master bedroom to look like. See the entire Pinterest board here!

Once I get a feel for what kind of space a client is looking for, I work those elements into the space as it allows. This is where the real problem solving and showing multiple options comes in. And yes, it may be one of my favorite parts of design work!

After a few options are worked out, the client will have the final say in which direction they want to go with. In our case, we decided that closing off our current closet and building a new one would be the best for the look, feel and layout we wanted to achieve. This will allow us to take better advantage of the natural light from both windows, give us a big enough wall to achieve the accent wall we’re both in love with and give us both more room so we don’t feel so crammed in our master bedroom. Here is our proposed floor plan!

Now that there is a proposed floor plan, it’s time to get to the pretty stuff! Paint, Furniture, Lighting, and of course the Accent Wall! This is usually where most clients get excited because they can finally see everything coming together!

When I tell you that Max and I went though 10 versions of this before we got to THIS point, I’m not joking. BUT that is the other wonderful thing about design: it changes with new information, ideas and it brings out the true character of the clients who will be using it.

A few details about this design board for you:

  1. I’ve already ordered the Buffalo Plaid Green & White Rug from and if you’re looking for a new washable rug, here is a link to save 15% off your next purchase.
  2. I’ve also already ordered the Blakely Bronze Touch LED USB Table Lamps from!
  3. I’ve already also purchased the Shanahan LED Bronze Ceiling Fan from Home Depot. Although there are plenty of large light fixtures I’m obsessed with, we sleep with the fan on, so getting rid of the ceiling fan was out of the question for us!
  4. The paint colors will more than likely be based off of the actual rug color when that arrives which is sometime next week! But, no matter what shade of green and off-white/grey we pick, we will be getting the paint from Sherwin Williams.
  5. Max and I couldn’t agree on nightstands. So the picture shown of Rossford 1 Drawer Nightstands are just a reference point for us. Max is going to custom make ours and I’ll be sure to share all of the details as we develop the plan for those more!
  6. The accent wall is obviously going to be a real show stopper once its up! Max is going to be installing that and when we get to that point of the project, I’ll take you along for a DIY Tutorial!
  7. For those of you who don’t know Max and I, we have two adorable Mini Australian Shepherds, Huckleberry and Blueberry. They are the loves of our lives, but they also have muddy paws, so although we love the look of a lighter bed covering, we aren’t sure that is going to be very doable for our fur babies. Like I said before, design is a living, breathing thing!

I am so excited to take you through the process of our master bedroom remodel. Over the next month and a half, I’ll be walking you through our progress and how you can make some easy updates of your own!

Until next time, friends!

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