Master Bedroom Turns Whole Level Remodel – Part 2

Remember my last blog when I said “design is a living, breathing thing”? Well, this update will be confirming how true that statement is!

Last week started with reviewing the plans for the master bedroom. Updated, fresh, sophisticated. And those are all still plans we have and will be working on in the next month. Part of remodeling the master bedroom is refinishing the oak flooring that is on almost the entire level except at the front door and in the kitchen.

I firmly believe if you can do a project all at once, you should do it right the first time. In this case, it means refinishing the entire main level hardwood floors.

The original plan was to rip out the carpet in the master bedroom and refinish the hardwood floors. The rest of the hardwoods on the main level would be refinished later. However, by only doing one room at a time, that creates a few concerns for down the road.

Here is a look at our current master bedroom!

Columbus Ave Master Bedroom “Before”

First, by doing one room at a time, there will be more “displacement” since its about a 3-4 day process to refinish hardwood floors. By doing each room on its own, we would have been looking at around 12-16 days of construction instead of 4 days for the entire main level.

The other concern was refinishing one room at a time meant the finishes may look different because of sun exposure, aging of the stain or finish and overall wear and tear of the floors between the first room and the last room being refinished.

Here is a look at the current hallway, living room and dining room!

Columbus Ave Dining Room “Before”

Consequently, the scope of our project grew which meant the walls in the hallway as well as between the dining and living room were coming down! Even though this wasn’t apart of the original plan, we are so excited for this transformation!

Now for the progress update pictures!

Columbus Ave Dining Room “Progress”
Columbus Ave Hallway “Progress”

It already feels pretty strange to have moved all of our belongs out of the way and for it to already be to this stage. We are nervous but so excited for this change.

Over the weekend, the rest of the wall between the dining room and living room will be coming down and a header will be put in its place since its a load bearing wall. Carpet from the master bedroom and living room will be torn out, trim will be removed and the popcorn ceilings are getting scraped!

If you’re looking for some sneak peaks or behind the scenes, find Larson Interiors on Facebook and Instagram! Stay tuned for another project update on the blog next week!

Until next time!

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