Melina Court Basement Bathroom

Long time, no talk! Sorry for being MIA the last 2 weeks – life has been a little crazy. While I don’t have a “ah-ha” update on the “Master Bedroom turns Whole Level Remodel” for you today, I am going to walk you through a project that was completed a few months ago: the Melina Court Basement Bathroom!

The bathroom was not part of the original home, but the clients knew they wanted to create a spa inspired bathroom, using their existing sauna as the basis for the design.

This was the floor plan we were able to work with. After the floor plan was finalized, I met with the clients to get their wants/needs and wish list, then I put together a few options and the design evolves from there.

Option 1 was a “Spa Retreat” completed with a wall hung vanity, warm wood tones, a touch of modern with Hexagon Tiles and Brushed Nickel Finishes. Keeping it light, airy and relaxing!

Option 2 was more of a transitional design with a few more traditional touches. This design plan had lighter wood tones, marble, and actual pebble floors with the same brushed nickel fixtures, but more traditional/transitional style.

As always, the first options are often not the final design. In this case, it was a combination of the two design options presented.

After we finalized the finishes, it was time to get to work. After a few weeks of install, we ended up with this GORGEOUS bathroom spa retreat. This bathroom was so fun to work on! Small spaces can really make a big impact! The clients are in love with this bathroom and really utilize this space to relax and recharge whenever its needed.

Until next time, friends!

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