65th St Basement Reveal

It’s time for another project reveal and today, I’m taking you through the 65th St Basement project.

I started working with this client in July of 2021. The basement was spacious, but needed something extra to make it a more welcoming, comforting space. It was pretty obvious that a fireplace with built-ins as well as a wine bar was going to make this space more inviting and functional.

After finalizing all of the design details, we reached a final design for the fireplace and wine bar! A beautiful linear gas fireplace with custom cabinets and floating shelves, cabinet hardware, stacked stone and granite countertops. These selections came together beautifully!

Both the fireplace and the custom cabinets have long lead times. Depending on the fireplace you purchase and the cabinet shop you work with, lead times could be anywhere from 8-16 weeks. Even while waiting for those two major components to arrive, there were other things that could be worked on. Framing for the fireplace was completed and electrical was added and placed in appropriate spots.

The cabinets were installed. They were beautiful. Gorgeous. A vision brought to life.

Just in the wrong stain finish.

After figuring out how to solve the issue of the wrong stain finish, it took a few months for the correct cabinets to be remade and get reinstalled. While waiting patiently for the correct cabinets, the fireplace was installed and framing was completed.

Custom cabinet install round two was much more successful with the correct stain finish. After the cabinets were taken care of, the stone and mantle were installed on the fireplace and the countertops were installed at the wine bar.

Finally in February of 2022, this clients basement was complete for many cozy, entertainment nights to come. This project may have taken twice as long as anticipated, but it was a great project to work on and the client is so happy with the end result.

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