The Cookie Kitchen Remodel

Do you love Christmas cookies? These clients do!

Even though that was just one of the many reasons they wanted to remodel their kitchen, this was my favorite reason.

The goal for this project was simple: open up the living room and kitchen, update the finishes, add additional (more functional) storage and useable counter space.

In just a few short weeks, the plans were finalized and materials were selected!

Existing and Proposed Floor Plans
Material Selections

Once construction began, it took just 7 weeks to transform this space, increase their countertop space from 35 square feet to 85 square feet, and use every inch they had for more practical storage!

Photo Taken by Spacecrafting Photography

This wall was a blank slate when we started. Creating a built-in hutch added a layer of character to this new kitchen. The lower cabinets of the hutch have roll-out shelves that act as the pantry space.

Removing the dining table set and incorporating an eat-in peninsula was a great way to bridge the gap between the entertaining living room space and the kitchen’s working area. With plenty of spaces to sit, chat, eat, work, and more, this peninsula added a level of multifunctionality to the space that couldn’t be achieved with the wall that stood there before.

Photo Taken By Spacecrafting Photography

Adding specialty storage is how the cabinet space was used at its maximum capacity. In each blind corner base cabinet, there were pull-out shelves which help to not lose pots/pans and other appliances in the practically unusable corners of this layout.

Photo Taken By Spacecrafting Photography

Having a specific spot for sheet pans and cutting boards helps to free up the warming drawer of the stove. Also having a pull-out spice rack helps to clear up the upper cabinets for more intentional placement of other kitchenware like plates and bowls.

It is a special thing to see how far a space comes, but it’s even more exciting to see how an intentional plan produces a more functional and beautiful home!

Photo Taken By Spacecrafting Photography

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