Apple Valley Townhouse Remodel

A townhouse remodel can be a great investment, especially when done with luxury features. A recent remodel of a two-bedroom townhouse included new luxury vinyl tile flooring (LVT) in the kitchen, living room, and den, as well as wool carpet stairs and new light fixtures throughout. Neutral paint colors were chosen to give a fresh, modern look and espresso stained millwork, plumbing fixtures, and an updated bathroom completed the look.

The stairs were covered in wool carpet for a luxurious feel. The upstairs hallway featured the same LVT flooring as the lower level for a consistent look. Both bedrooms were painted a neutral color and had the same LVT flooring, but the master bedroom included an updated bathroom with new plumbing fixtures and a modern vanity.

The living room was kept open and inviting with the same LVT flooring that was used in the kitchen. Neutral walls kept the look light and airy, and the new light fixtures provided the perfect accent. The den was situated with an overlook to the living room below, featuring the same LVT flooring for a cohesive look.

The kitchen was given special attention to make it a highlight of the home. The LVT flooring was chosen for its durability and easy maintenance. The espresso stained millwork was used to create a warm, rich feel that contrasted nicely with the neutral walls and light fixtures. The cabinets were in great shape but were given a fresh coat of paint for an updated look. New cabinet hardware, pull down faucet, and light fixtures were added for an updated look as well.

The single bathroom of this townhouse needed some serious love. The old sheet vinyl flooring was dated and the client wanted to get rid of the golden oak. We updated to a tile floor, painted the vanity, upgraded the faucet and accessories. There was a door from the primary bedroom to the bathroom that we closed off for more privacy and usable towel storage in the bathroom.

The townhouse remodel was a success, with the combination of luxury vinyl tile flooring, wool carpet stairs, new light fixtures, neutral paint colors, espresso stained millwork, and updated bathroom giving the home an updated, modern feel. The luxury features added an extra level of sophistication to the home, making it an inviting and comfortable place to live.

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