Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Remodeling a bathroom can be a daunting task, but with the right steps, it can be rewarding and successful.

This guide will help you plan and execute the perfect bathroom remodel or refresh!

“Farmington Basement Remodel” – Spacecrafting Photography

The first step in any successful bathroom remodel is to create a plan. This includes deciding what areas of your bathroom you want to update, the budget you are willing to allocate to the project, and the timeline for completion. Once you have a plan in place, you can begin the actual work.

Planning Checklist

Project Scope
Project Budget
Project Timeline

Bloomington Bathroom Remodel – Coming Soon

The next step in your bathroom remodel is to gather the necessary materials and tools. Depending on the scope of the project, this could include things like tile, grout, fixtures, sinks, toilets, and other items. Additionally, you will need safety equipment such as goggles and gloves, as well as tools such as a drill, saw, and sander.

“St. Michael Basment Bathroom”

Product Checklist

Vanity with Countertop
Vanity Sink and Faucet
Light Fixtures
Bath Fan
Tub or Shower Pan
Shower Plumbing
Shampoo Niche
Glass or Shower Rod

I recommend you don’t start demolition until all of your products are on site. This will help make the project timeline shorter and more successful

. Once all the necessary tools and materials are in place, it’s time to start the remodeling process. This typically involves removing existing fixtures, walls, and other items in order to make room for the new elements. It is important to be aware of any potential safety hazards during this process, such as electrical wiring or plumbing connections.

Orono Bathroom Before
Orono Bathroom Demo
“Orono Bathroom Remodel” – Drew Gray Photography

Once the walls and fixtures are removed, you can begin to install the new elements. This could include tiling the floors and walls, installing the new fixtures and sinks, and connecting the plumbing. If you are not comfortable with any of these tasks, it is best to hire a professional for assistance.

“Farmington Basement Remodel” Shower Rendering
“Farmington Basement Remodel”
Spacecrafting Photography

The final step in a successful bathroom remodel is to bring it all together with a beautiful finish. This could include painting the walls, hanging artwork, and adding accents such as decorative tile or lighting. With a little bit of time and effort, you can turn your bathroom into a beautiful and functional space.

Remodeling Order

Demo and Remove Debris
Floor and Wall Prep
Electrical and Plumbing Rough-In
(Rough-In Inspection if Required)
Mud, Tape, and Sand
Install New Tub/Shower Base
Install Flooring
Install Tub/Shower Surround
Install Vanity Cabinet, Countertop and Faucet
Install Millwork (Base, Door and Window Trim)
Install Toilet
Install New Plumbing and Light Fixtures
(Final Inspection if Required)
Paint Walls
Install Cabinet Hardware, Accessories, and Mirror
Final Touchups
Room Styling

“Farmington Basement Remodel” Vanity Rendering
“Farmington Basement Remodel”
Spacecrafting Photography

Remodeling a bathroom can be a challenging but rewarding experience. With proper planning and the right materials and tools, you can create the perfect bathroom for your needs. So take your time, plan your project, and enjoy the satisfaction of a successful bathroom remodel.

“Orono Bathroom Remodel”
Drew Gray Photography
“Orono Bathroom Remodel”
Drew Gray Photography
“Orono Bathroom Remodel”
Drew Gray Photography

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