Bloomington Kitchen Refresh

A kitchen refresh can be just what you need to transform a tired space into a modern and inviting area. In Bloomington, Minnesota, one homeowner decided to update their kitchen with some key changes. The beautiful original cherry cabinets and flooring remained, but the kitchen received a major facelift.

The countertops were updated from builder-grade Santa Cecilia granite to gorgeous and updated white quartz, which instantly brightened up the space. The new countertops not only look sleek but are also easy to maintain. All-new Kohler plumbing fixtures were installed, which added a touch of luxury to the space.

To create a more inviting and cohesive design, the eat-in dining area received a new light fixture, which created a warm and welcoming ambiance. Additionally, new Ruggable rugs were added to the kitchen, which is both stylish and functional.

The seating in the kitchen was updated by purchasing new Crate and Barrel barstools. The new barstools not only look great but are also comfortable and practical. The black finish ties in with the cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures. The stool design keeps the kitchen simple and classic while also pairing well with the existing eat-in dining area furniture.

Another significant change was the installation of new cabinet hardware. By simply updating the hardware, the cabinets looked completely refreshed and modern.

However, the most dramatic change was the addition of a new purple subway tile backsplash. This bold choice added a pop of color to the space and brought the kitchen into the present day. The purple subway tiles perfectly complemented the updated countertops and hardware, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

All of these changes transformed the space from a standard kitchen in 2003 to a stunning modern kitchen in 2023. The homeowners were able to refresh their kitchen without completely starting from scratch by utilizing the existing cabinets and flooring. By making strategic updates and adding new, modern touches, the kitchen was transformed into a place that the homeowners love to spend time in.

A kitchen refresh can be a great way to transform a space without completely starting from scratch. By making strategic updates, such as updating countertops, fixtures, and hardware, and adding stylish touches like new lighting and rugs, a kitchen can be transformed into a modern and inviting space. The addition of a bold backsplash can also make a significant impact and tie together all of the other updates.

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