Minneapolis Coastal Kitchen Remodel

A newly remodeled kitchen can completely transform a home, and this particular remodel brings the beach vibes indoors. This coastal kitchen remodel uses the bright white cabinets to bring a sense of freshness and lightness, making the space feel open and airy. The walls and backsplash in a bright teal color represent the water, bringing a pop of color and energy to the kitchen. It’s the perfect complement to the white cabinets and adds a lively touch to the space.

Before the remodel this space was dark blue
The final kitchen remodel is bright and coastal
white cabinets and turquoise backsplash
bright kitchen window with white trim
plenty of modern and light storage

To further enhance the beach theme, the countertops are made of a speckled cream quartz, which represents the sand. This not only adds to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, but it also creates a cohesive and calming atmosphere. The combination of the white cabinets, teal walls, and cream quartz countertops creates a tranquil and peaceful space that’s perfect for cooking, entertaining, or just hanging out.

bright open and inviting coastal kitchen
tall modern white kitchen cabinets
floor to ceiling modern white pantry

One of the standout features of this coastal kitchen remodel is the navy blue island. It adds a bold and sophisticated touch to the space while also bringing in the color of the ocean. The island is not only practical for additional counter space, but it’s also a statement piece that ties all the beach-inspired elements together.

fully finished kitchen remodel

In addition to the aesthetic upgrades, this remodel also includes practical features such as roll-out shelves in the newly added pantry. This makes it easy to access all pantry items, making cooking and meal prep a breeze. All new appliances were also added, ensuring that the kitchen is not only beautiful but also functional and efficient.

coffee nook and kitchen storage
kitchen storage and coffee space
Updated kitchen island with new counters

Finally, the luxury vinyl plank flooring adds a durable and low-maintenance element to the kitchen. It’s perfect for a busy family or anyone who loves to cook, as it’s easy to clean and can withstand wear and tear. The light wood color of the flooring also adds warmth to the space, making it feel welcoming and inviting.

Updated kitchen island
New kitchen storage
turqoiuse blue blacksplash

In conclusion, this newly remodeled kitchen is a dream come true for anyone who loves the beach. From the bright teal walls to the speckled cream quartz countertops, every element is carefully chosen to create a cohesive and calming atmosphere. The navy blue island adds a bold touch, while the roll-out shelves and new appliances make cooking and meal prep a breeze. Finally, the luxury vinyl plank flooring is not only durable but also adds warmth to the space. Overall, this is a kitchen that’s sure to impress and inspire.

extra coffee storage
coastal stair runner
old carpted stairs
updated coastal staircase
final kitchen remodel images

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