Richfield Blues Kitchen Remodel

The Richfield Blues Kitchen Remodel has a truly stunning “after” result and vastly improved functionality and aesthetic of this client’s home. With a big and busy family, the existing floor plan wasn’t supporting this clients lifestyle. The kitchen was closed off from the living room and the dining space was crammed in a corner to accommodate their large family.

The cabinets were a thermafoil cabinet with butcher block countertops that weren’t holding up to everyday life. There were cabinets being underutilized and not enough countertop space for kitchen prep and cleaning.

The linoleum floors in the kitchen were outdated and didn’t match up well with the original hardwood floors of this Richfield house. The carpeted steps were the cat’s toy (if you know, you know!), and they had water damage on the ceiling from a leaky roof. The goal of this kitchen was to create a better workflow, an open and inviting space for entertaining where everyone could be a part of the party, as well as more countertop space and a more useable mudroom area.

The first step in this remodel was removing the wall between the kitchen and living room, creating a more open-concept floor plan. This not only allowed for a more spacious feel but also improved the flow between the two spaces. The removal of the wall also allowed for additional natural light to penetrate the kitchen, brightening the space even more.

The appliances and sink were relocated to better suit the new layout. This helped to maximize the space and create a more efficient workflow in the kitchen. The new appliances were also selected for their sleek design and energy efficiency, providing both style and savings on energy costs.

The cabinets were upgraded from thermafoil to painted white and blue shaker cabinets, which gave the kitchen a fresh and modern look. The shaker-style cabinets provide a classic and timeless design while the blue and white color scheme adds a pop of color and personality to the space. The addition of an island with seating provided a great spot for family and friends to gather while cooking and entertaining. The champagne bronze cabinet hardware added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the project.

The blue and teal porcelain backsplash subway tiles were the perfect complement to the white and blue shaker cabinets. The subway tiles added texture and interest to the space while the blue and teal colors brought a splash of personality to the kitchen.

The natural hardwood floors were refinished, creating a fresh and new look to the space. Because there was linoleum in the kitchen, once that flooring was removed, new hardwood floors were added in the kitchen and finished to match the existing flooring in the hallway and living room. This created a seamless finish adding to the illusion of a larger space! The dark walnut stain provided warmth and coziness to the space and was the perfect color choice.

The mudroom was also upgraded with a quartz bench, storage above and below for shoes, hats, and dog items, along with hooks for everyday item use, providing a functional and stylish storage solution for shoes, coats, and bags. The mudroom was designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the main floor, providing a cohesive and welcoming feel to the space.

Finally, an expandable dining table with seating was added to the space. The table provides a flexible seating option for hosting guests and dinner parties. The expandable feature allows for additional seating when needed, while the cohesive design ensures that the table blends seamlessly with the rest of the space.

Overall, this kitchen remodel project was a great success. The removal of the wall between the kitchen and living room, the relocation of the appliances and sink, the upgraded cabinets, backsplash, and hardware, the refinished natural hardwood floors, the upgraded mudroom, and the expandable dining table with seating all came together to create a stunning and cohesive open main floor. This project not only added value to the property but also created a beautiful and functional space for the family to enjoy for years to come.

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