St. Michael Basement Remodel

A basement remodel can be a great way to add usable space to your home. When done right, it can be a luxurious and multi-functional area that you can enjoy for years to come. A basement remodel that includes a bedroom, bathroom, workout area, and living room can be the perfect way to maximize the use of your home’s basement. For example, this St. Michael basement was previously unfinished. Most clients want to add at least one bedroom, a three-quarter to full bathroom, and a living space to the basement for functionality and entertainment spaces. Finishing a basement will add to the overall square footage of your home, increasing the value of your home overall! In this basement, millwork, flooring, paint, and hardware were selected for the hard finishes of the space.

Staircases don’t have to be boring either. Adding a touch of personality can go a long way. This stair runner added a design element while also adding to the safety of the stairs.

In the living room area, you could add some comfortable seating, a TV, and a few pieces of accent furniture. You could also consider adding some built-in shelving for books and other items, and some stylish lighting to set the mood. These clients wanted to focus on their open living space as a workout area. For the workout area, you could add a few pieces of fitness equipment, some storage for weights and other exercise supplies, and some mirrors on the walls to help you monitor your form during your workouts.

For the bedroom, consider adding a comfortable bed, a few pieces of storage furniture, and some wall art to make the space inviting. If the basement has enough natural light, you could also add a window to make the bedroom feel more open and welcoming. This guest room is doubled as a home office area which added even more functionality to the basement!

For the bathroom, consider adding a shower, sink, toilet, and tile flooring. Consider adding a window, if possible, and adding some stylish fixtures and accents to give the bathroom its own sense of style. This bathroom was so much fun to design. The mix of wood tones, the brass accent metal, custom tile work, and the beautiful vanity was a perfect combination and reflection of this client’s personality.

By combining all of these elements, you could create a basement remodel that is functional, comfortable, and stylish.

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