Sandra C.

I hired Shelby from Larson Interiors to help me with our Livingroom/dining room update. After 20 years, it was time to change wall color ,wall décor and update lighting. She offered many professional points for choosing paint color that I had not thought of and they proved very helpful & accurate. Once paint was done and walls were bare, She took pictures of our space and and went over design styles & décor options with me. I am not good at seeing a blank space and knowing exactly what to fill it with! I needed a professional that could provide me with visual design ideas based on our room flow and size. She was very patient and professional as we looked over ideas and discussed likes and dislikes. She then used pictures and accents to present several different digital design options by inserting them into pictures of our room. She paid particular attention to the room size, wall size, wood color, etc. so the digital design pictures were very accurate. Her digital designs helped us make wall design decisions and move forward with those purchases. It was so helpful to have her ideas with accurate sizing. It all worked great in our space and saved me from purchasing items too big or small and wasting time & money. I’m so pleased with our end result! My project was more than just finding the right color or pictures. Her design knowledge helped us separate the rooms but also blend cohesively. I would highly recommend her for any of your interior projects. Very professional and knowledgeable.